The Central Chapter is made up of Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mono, Merced, Mariposa, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Kern Counties. Over 300 members representing management and supervision staff of police, sheriff and criminal justice agencies from throughout the State of California belong to CLEARS.

CLEARS goal is to provide information and training to an essential division of the law enforcement community. As budgets grow smaller and the demands on the Records Supervisors increase, for the cost of a good lunch, CLEARS members receive training on the latest laws and how they apply to every aspect of the information Records is responsible to enter and release.

But a Records Supervisor is more than just supervising information. Supervisor’s must be part Attorney interpreting the law as it applies to each case, act as a Public Information Officer between law enforcement and the public on the phone or at the counter, be a supervisor to employees and many times be the Chief’s Secretary, order supplies, organize office events and then clean up after.

Again, that is where CLEARS comes in. It not only provides training, you receive a lifeline to a wealth of knowledge and experience from other members. Let’s face it; “CLEARS” is an oxymoron as there is nothing clear in the business. No matter how many trainings you go to, there is always that little twist that makes each situation different and you have to make the decision.

Whether you have to release information or dealing with personnel issues ranging from an employee to a Commander, the ability to call or email your questions and concerns to all the members in your Chapter or though out the State, can provide you the information and resources needed to make an educated decision.

Our question to you is how can we be a resource to you and your department? Our mission is to reach out to as many people as we can and we are looking for fresh new ideas, knowledge and resources from each division of law enforcement.