All seven CLEARS chapters have a yearly membership fee. From this membership fee, a portion (assessment) is sent to the CLEARS State Executive Board. Some of the business that is conducted includes the following committees:

By-laws               Audit            Legislation

Membership         Historical       Training & Resources

Each year, the annual CLEARS Training Seminar is presented to provide a series of ongoing training for records personnel. It is presented by one of the three Regions. All funds earned from the Training Seminar are forwarded to the State Executive Board. At the annual Training Seminar, venders reserve stations to show their products. There are State Corporate sponsors that join and pay an annual fee. Commercial Members that join at the chapter level also pay an annual fee to the chapter in which they join.

The California Police Recorder (CPR) is a quarterly electronic magazine used as another training tool for all members as well as police agencies and sheriff departments. A percentage of the profits, if any, are forwarded to the State Executive Board.

The State funds are also used to promote annual registration for the Annual Training Seminar. Each of the seven chapters is afforded one paid seminar registration. 

Authorized expenses incurred by members while on approved business for the corporation shall be borne by the corporation.  A schedule of reimbursement has been established by the State Executive Board.