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Joe Surges Seminar Scholarship

One Annual Scholarship Available Per Chapter

Applications are considered from all Chapters

In a gesture that reflects both gratitude and recognition, CLEARS proudly established of the Joe Surges Seminar Scholarship. This scholarship, available in 2024, is a poignant tribute to Joe Surges, an individual whose mark on CLEARS has been both profound and lasting.

Joe Surges, a devoted figure within CLEARS, has played a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s mission. Throughout his tenure on the CLEARS Executive Board, Joe’s commitment to excellence, extensive knowledge of law enforcement legislation, and unwavering dedication to providing top-notch training have left an enduring impact.

Renowned for spearheading various trainings throughout the State of California, Joe Surges has been a beacon of knowledge, ensuring CLEARS members stay abreast of the latest developments. His commitment to disseminating crucial information has empowered members to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement records.

As a testament to Joe Surges’ legacy, the CLEARS Executive Board has decided the Joe Surges Seminar Scholarship as part of the CLEARS grant program. This scholarship aims to recognize and honor Joe’s significant contributions by waiving the seminar registration fee. By doing so, CLEARS seeks to ensure that Joe’s spirit of continual learning and dedication lives on, empowering a new generation of law enforcement records supervisors and managers.

The decision to create a scholarship specifically tied to seminar aligns with Joe Surges’ enduring legacy in the realm of training. This scholarship, bearing his name, serves as a fitting tribute to a leader whose impact continues to resonate within the CLEARS community.

Joe Surges concluded his last year of service on the CLEARS Executive Board in 2023, leaving behind a legacy of excellence, passion, and service. The decision to name this scholarship after Joe is a reflection of the profound respect and admiration the State Board holds for his tireless efforts and significant influence.

The unveiling of the Joe Surges Seminar Scholarship is not just a scholarship; it is a symbol of appreciation and gratitude. It acknowledges a dedicated individual whose passion for training has shaped the professional journey of countless law enforcement records personnel. As CLEARS looks towards the future, this scholarship stands as a beacon, guiding members on a path of excellence, just as Joe Surges did throughout his tenure.

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Kathy Malan Scholarship

One Annual Scholarship Available

Applications are only considered from CLEARS Central Coast Chapter

Existing scholarships have long supported the ongoing training of CLEARS Central Coast Chapter members in good standing. As a tribute to a dedicated and longstanding member and supporter of CLEARS Central Coast Chapter, the chapter has decided to approve the Kathy Malan Scholarship.

Kathy, a resident of Ventura County for 42 years, served the Ventura Police Department as a Police Records Supervisor until her retirement in February 2001. Her passing in November 2002, after bravely battling cancer, deeply saddened our chapter. Throughout her tenure, Kathy served the chapter in various roles, including President and Historian. Despite limitations on her attendance in the later years, she fervently backed the chapter, notably during the hosting of the 1999 Annual Training Conference. Kathy’s contributions were indispensable as she assisted with registration and various functions, often stationed at the registration table, engaging with attendees, and providing information.

A passionate birder, Kathy was often seen with her beloved birding book at the conference, reflecting her enthusiasm for this hobby. Her love for travel and birding was shared with her husband Pat. Kathy, with her quick wit and infectious laugh, was a reliable source of information. Her unassuming nature belied the significant impact she had on the chapter and individuals within it. The debt of gratitude for her willingly shared knowledge is a sentiment echoed by many, and the chapter owes her a similar acknowledgment.

Kathy strongly believed in education; a sentiment endorsed by her husband Pat Swift who retired from Ventura Sheriff’s Office. He expressed, “Kathy would be so proud.” In honor of her memory, the “Kathy Malan Scholarship” was established on February 14, 2003. This scholarship stands as a tribute to Kathy’s commitment to professional excellence, ensuring that the tradition continues for individuals who follow in her esteemed memory.

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Darlene Tsue Scholarship

One Annual Scholarship Available

Applications are considered from CLEARS Northern Chapter

The Northern Chapter has consistently boasted a dynamic and engaged membership. Unfortunately, the chapter mourned the loss of one such member, Darlene Tsue, in 1990.

Darlene was a person of clear purpose, both in her professional career and personal life. Recognized for her expertise and leadership, she played a pivotal role in 1988 and 1989 as a member of the P.O.S.T. committee tasked with updating and standardizing the Basic Records Course and Records Management Manual. Additionally, she served as the President of the Northern Chapter and as the Director of the Annual Training & Technology Seminar.

In tribute to Darlene’s impactful life and her positive approach, the Northern Chapter annually presents the Darlene Tsue Scholarship to a deserving member. This scholarship serves as a meaningful remembrance of her contributions and the inspirational way in which she lived her life.

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